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Joel 2:25
“ I will restore the years the locust has stolen from you”.

When I commissioned the design of my logo, I wanted it to tell my story. I was very pleased when I received the first designs that incorporated Joel 2:25 into the logo.

This verse is the epitome of a promise being fulfilled in my life (and yours) every day. The geometric designs, spaced out into 2, 2, 5, represents life events (all of which you will read here or in upcoming books). The arrows at the end of the logo signify “moving forward”, with the prominent black arrow reminding me (and you) of the precious promise, “All Things New” and that his mercies (and healing) are new every morning.

“Because of Who You, you make all things pure. Because of Who You are, You make all things true. Because of Who You are , You make all NEW.” - Watermark
The lyrics to this song, sang by the Group Watermark, inspired the name of our business, Watermark Management, because it tells the beautiful redemption story that is our business.