A little bit about me…

I am a Florida girl who loves a simple life, Jesus, family, friends, football and the beach (usually in that order). I am a native of Jacksonville, Florida, but have spent most of my adult life on Florida’s west coast. While being introduced for a speaking opportunity a few years ago, the pastor asked me “who are you?”. The words that followed shocked even me: “I am the precious daughter of the most high God”. There were many years when I would not have answered that question as I did that day. I have spent most of my life defining myself by all that I have survived; all that I have accomplished or all the degrees on my wall. The truth is, my answer to that pastor’s question that day is the definition that is most important, and one that I hope truly defines my life when I am gone. The rest: survival, accomplishments, and college degrees are certainly a part of my story; and why I write, mentor and speak. My description of “who I am” that day is why I stand proclaiming Him and Him alone.

I grew up in a children’s home, graduated from Clearwater Christian College with a degree in Biology (1994); was married for 12 years to a man who tried to kill me and somewhere along the way managed to earn my Masters Degree in Business Administration. I have enjoyed success as an entrepreneur as well as an educator. As a survivor of a lot of things that tried to kill me, it is my desire to use my story to spread a story of Hope for any who may find themselves in similar situations as mine.

I love both the written and spoken word, and enjoy opportunities to share my experiences in both personal and professional genres. My greatest desire is to invest my life in something that will outlive it. It is my hope that all of my efforts here and other places will accomplish just that.

A sample from the book

Walls. They were my best friends in those early days. I had a favorite wall in my dark apartment. It was the one closest to the front door, and it saved me. I managed to get through my days without falling apart, but when I got home from work I raced up the stairs to that apartment, locked the door behind me and grabbed that wall. Because getting through my day with the pain was exhausting, and the pain was so deep that it literally took my breath away.