Personal Writings


Amy is currently writing a book "Blindsided By Healing", you can find excerpts of that book here.

Continue to check back here for release date of this book as well as other writings on various topics.

That abyss, it doesn’t hold a candle to the strength you have within you. When you get here, please introduce yourself, because I want to know when another person has moved from victim to survivor. And remember, no matter what your abuser took from you, he did not take away how precious and valuable you are. The nights may be long and the days hard, and you may have a wall that holds you up when you can’t breathe because the pain is that bad—but every day you wake up and get up you are one day closer to my side of this horrific epidemic we call domestic violence. Until then, may you have may walls that hold you up and may you build mesh fences around your heart so that those that love you can help you, because the pictures of the people on my walls are the reason I can write this today. Hello, from the other side. I can’t wait to meet you.